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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  November 9, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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. police trying to sort out a hostage standoff that went sideways late today. sources tell us both the hostage and the gunman are both dead. good evening, everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. a hostage is held and then shots are heard. a man emerges from the house and more shots. sources tell us the hostage and kidnapper are dead. deborah villalon is there with more on what happened. deborah? >> reporter: steven sotloff an active investigation. it's still roped -- it's still an active investigation and roped off. it's unclear what the relationship was between the
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gunman and his victim. from sky fox, san jose's special operations team can be seen staging in a garage with no way of knowing how this hostage situation would end. >> we are going to be evacuating surrounding neighbors and homes. >> reporter: starting just past 2:00, neighbors were escorted out or told shelter in place. >> there were s.w.a.t teams in front of my house. when w the s.w.a.t guys running around with their bullet proof stuff and the m16, you pretty much figure you're not supposed to be walking around outside with them. [ sirens ] >> reporter: 911 calls reported a man forcing a woman into a home at gunpoint and firing two shots into the ground. [ sirens ] >> reporter: knowing he had already fired his gun raised the risk. >> with a we know is they were fired into the ground.
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but, again, we don't know if anybody has been injured inside the house. so, again, we're attempting to make contact. >> reporter: the standoff stretched on 3 hours with the immediate area on lockdown. >> they don't know when they're going to let us in. and i've got three kids. so i'd really like to be able to go home. >> reporter: finally a commotion could be heard. [ shots ] >> reporter: one shot, then more. and it was over. >> a suspect down. a female is down. >> reporter: san jose police say the woman was founded in house. the man he merged from the front. >> the suspect was armed with at least one handgun at which point shots were fired. the suspect was pronounced deceased at the scene. >> reporter: it was a sad ending to a drama residents will be monitoring all afternoon. neighbors say the couple living in the house was quiet, no sign of trouble. >> there's not a lot of activity. we don't see a lot of activity. but i do see them walk up and
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down the street with a little child. but that's all. they're not real vocal to anybody that i know of. >> reporter: in the gunfire, a police officer was grazed by a bullet. but that was a minor injury. police are not saying who shot first or how many officers fired. it's even possible that the suspect shot himself. julie, those are details they'll have for us tomorrow. >> reporter: and, debora, you told us that area is still roped off. any word when it'll reopen? >> reporter: little by little, the perimeter has been getting smaller. right no, it's very localized within a block. so the main artery that is surround this neighborhood are open again. >> again. >> all right, deborah, thank you. now to the storm that blew through the bay area. it's now hitting the sierra where there's a winter storm warning in effect. driver expect slippery roads, driver delays and chain -- drivers can expect slippery roads and delays.
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>> there were a few heavy downpours. but for much of the day, the rain was on and off. a good drenching is just what california needs. and take a look at this. a bolt of lightning today at the golden gate bridge. the picture show it is exact moment that the lightning hit the top of the south tower. we checked with the golden gate bridge district just to make sure, and they confirmed that the lightning did, in fact, hit the golden gate bridge. >> and we'll hear from chief meteorologist bill martin in a moment. but first, we'll cut to jana katsuyama. jana? >> reporter: i asked the golden gate bridge officials about the lightning strike. they tell me there was no equipment or damage to the bridge itself as a result of it. still, there was quite a storm. and who would have thought that so many people would be so glad to see this cold, wet weather. [ rain pounding ]
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>> reporter: rainfall gave a thirsty state. but to commuters were concerned as drivers sped by, disregarding pools along the road. signs on highway 17 warned of dangerous conditions. by late afternoon, they had at least 20 minor crashes. >> the roads are wet. and people are not paying attention, regardless of the rain. [ chuckle ] >> reporter: a ktvu viewer took photos of hail in the santa cruz area where 4,000 people reportedly lost power. and in san jose, our camera caught flashes of lightning over the city. the golden gate bridge women a giant orange lightning rod, -- bridge became a giant orange lightning rod, taking a hit. umbrellas stashed for so long popped open in san francisco and in the east bay where a steady drizzle had oakland commuters taking cover. walnut creek and other inland areas were wet and cold as
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temperatures dropped. but many said they didn't mind the storm. >> we need -- we need the rain anyway! >> yeah, it's welcomed rain. and unfortunately we need about a month and a half of this. >> reporter: water districts are hoping a wet el nino winter will bring more downpours to dispel the drought. east bay mud says right now its seven reservoirs are at 34% combined capacity, compared to a historic average of 62% for this day. and then the sierra. >> running dry, it's been a bad drought. it's -- like i said, this is welcomed, you know. we're glad to see it. >> take all we can get. i'd like to see this happen all year, fill up some of these reservoirs. >> reporter: late this afternoon, a rainbow appeared in the south bay as the sun came out. and back here live a few
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minutes ago, you got an update from pg&e. they say they'll be working through the night to restore power to about 500 customers still waiting for their lights to go back on. >> and now to chief meteorologist bill martin on our showers tonight. >> that winter storm warning still in the mountains. here's how it goes. that system trapped on the sierra in nevada. we had all those lightning hits through the bay area. here we are now about 7:49 in the morning. lightning strike up in marin county. watch this. about 8:00, 8:20. look at this hit over half moon bay, pacifica, ocean beach. 8:42 a.m. lightning strike. that's the heaviest rain, by the way. most the heavy rain around then. the lightning strikes were pretty persistent. so how much rain? seemed like a lot more.
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but most areas, 1/2 inch to 1/4 inch. maybe you got one of those cells and you saw more rain. but the official numbers gave us this. so in the mountains right now, this system is still winding and you giving it a whack. -- and giving -- and giving it a whack. we have winter storm warnings in the area for the morning. they're getting snow. chaining up and will all night. coming up, when the next rain will get here and what your tomorrow will be like. at 10:45, splintered wood and shard glass. the lightning strike that scattered pieces of a 100-year- old redwood tree and it was her dog that saved her. you can download our app on your smartphone or tablet. taxi drivers are considering a city-wide strike tomorrow to protest ride- sharing companies. [ horns honking ] >> reporter: the cab drivers braved the rain and hit the picket lines today, refusing to
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pick up passengers at the san jose national airport. they're demonstrating because the city council may eliminate mandatory fingerprints for those ride-sharing companies. they argue they should have to follow the same rules and background checks they do. >> they have to go through inspections and background checks because safety is number one. we need a fairness. >> san jose hopes by backing off the fingerprint requirement, it will attract ride-sharing companies to manetta international. it's the only area in the -- airport in the area that doesn't offer uber or lyft. more students from california are being called to be admitted to the nine undergraduate campuses next fall. they're asking for 5,000
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additional instate communities and to increase the california students there as well. this year's freshman glass had 4,000 instate students. there are concerns that uc is admitting too many out of state students who pay for more tuition. and eight candidates are set to take the stage in milwaukee about ben carson's possible embellishments and as marco rubio sees an uptick in the polls. we're in milwaukee for the debate where the pressure is building. >> ready up top! >> we don't want bad scrubs. >> reporter: even as fox business carefully set it is stage. even as marco rubio -- >> working hard is a virtue -- >> jeb bush -- >> i think i landed at that point. >> reporter: -- and carly
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fiorina make it here. all eyes tonight are still bearing down on ben carson. a new poll showing he had taken the lead in south carolina. still not enough to stop questions over him playing up his life. >> obviously it's 45, 50 years ago. so i can't remember every single detail about it. >> reporter: but it's those details every other candidate is still focused on. >> donned! >> reporter: straight off his snl success, donald trump talking about it tonight at an event in springfield. >> i stab somebody, and the newspapers say you didn't do it! and you said, yes, i did! i did it! no, you didn't! >> reporter: now it's wisconsin as candidates try to push their own personal stories into the spotlight. >> this is the nation that literally changed the very history of my family. >> reporter: milwaukee is tonight preparing. >> everyone tomorrow will be
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given a story that looks like this. >> reporter: -- business, social, economic, financial q&a on this stage. >> i want it to be a good one. >> >> a lot of people will start turning on the questioner even if it was mother teresa asking the question. so i think it's a predisposition to be agitated. a lot of people are nervous. >> reporter: 3,000 will be out here to watch all of this. and it'll be on tv for about 20 million people to watch it. we'll be out here to cover it all for you live. the first debate at 4:00 p.m. the main debate at 6:00. fox business will also be streaming the debate for free even if you don't have a cable subscription.
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we'll have live team coverage right here on the 10:00 news. a major redevelopment in the fight to treat cancer. bay area researchers show us how it works. >> i'm tracking those lingering showers moving through the area now. i'll have the forecast for what you can expect for tuesday. where the fog will be, where it won't be, and where the next chance for showers are. behind the social media posts, behind the online shopping, beneath the surface of the internet, there is an entire world that most of us will never see. >> it's essentially the wild west of the internet. >> it's the realm of hackers, scientists and government black hawks where bit coin is king. >> you can buy and sell anything. >> reporter: an untraceable black market that police are helpless to stop. >> it's a cat and mouse game. >> reporter: 2 investigates takes you to a place that
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google won't take you, the dark net. love or like? naughty or nice? calm or bright? but at bedtime... why settle for this? enter sleep number. don't miss the semi-annual sale going on now! sleepiq technology tells you how you slept and what adjustments you can make. she likes the bed soft.
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he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good, to great, to wow! gift the best sleep. only at a sleep number store. save $500 on the veteran's day special edition mattress with sleepiq technology, plus 36-month special financing. hurry, ends wednesday! know better sleep with sleep number. new at 10:00, fresh hope in the fight against cancer. researchers had goped a new way to fight -- had gapped a new way to -- developed a new way to fight cancer safer than chemotherapy. amber? >> reporter: the team here at mission bay tell me it took years to develop and it's a major step in reducing side
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effects for cancer patients undergoing treatment. >> definitely very exciting development, i think. we can come into work feeling really motivated everyday knowing the things you're working on or doing can really have an impact on somebody's life hopefully. >> reporter: this research team -- >> what are these cells doing? >> reporter: -- have come up with a way to fight cancer cells without killing healthy cells. >> we put these t cells and colored cell here. >> reporter: these videos taken by the researchers through microscopes shows how they fight cancer. they immunize t cells. they're designed to be injected into a patient. >> you can see this immune cell recognizes this gray cancer cell. you can see it forming bubbles. this is a sign of this cell being killed. >> reporter: with the use of certain drugs, they can control the t cells in a patient's body with precision, allowing the doctor to determine when and which cancer cells to kill.
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>> t cells are able to recognize and kill infected and cancerous cells in the body. >> reporter: the remote control system appears to be effective against blood cancers such as leukemia. >> our indicator flashes bright red, signaling the pending death of the cancer cells. >> reporter: but not solid tumors such as brain or breast cancer. >> there's not one silver bullet that will kill it all. it'll be with us for a long time, but we'll have better and better tools. >> reporter: the research team tells me they hope human trials will take place in about a year. julie? >> it's remarkable what they're doing. amber, thank you. a silver alert has been issued for an elderly couple. sam and maria lynnard were not feeling well. when police got there, she was feeling better. and sam said he would take her to the hospital himself. but they never made it there.
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their son lives in europe. he says they may be disoriented and may be on their way to canada. they're in a faded green 2001 toyota camry. the license number is 4nhv446. now to san francisco where dozens of people are looking for a place to call home after a fire at a tire shop spread to an apartment building over the weekend. rob roth with what the owner said he plans to do with the property. >> reporter: the building on the corner of 16th street has been in james' family for decades. >> terrible! it's been in the family since 1960. i worked here for 35 years and was a car dealership for 35 years. it's like losing a family member. >> reporter: smoke was sent, visible throughout the city. it destroyed the apartment building next door, displaying 29 residents, 6 of whom are children. the red cross is putting those
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tenets with hotels and checking them with agency that is can help them long term. but the red cross says it'll be tough to find them affordable housing in the city, including the mission. >> some will be able to stay. others won't. the important thing is get them shelter. >> reporter: we asked the property owner what is next for the site. >> i'd like to go residential possibly with stores on the bottom. >> reporter: that's what many predicted may happen, the fire clearing the way for high end condos. he's been fighting against that in the mission. >> i've heard that. in fact, from the -- from the last few months, you know, we've been dealing with that kind of speculation. and, you know, that's something that we take very seriously. you know, we have worked very closely with the fire department to make sure that every fire is properly investigated. >> reporter: the owner of the property says this plan would add housing to a spot where there hasn't been any. >> it is what it is.
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but being a property owner, you have to get as much as you can from your investment. and, yeah, it would be improving the area, i would think. >> reporter: we were unable to reach the owner of the apartment building next door, but we were told it'll be at least 18 months until it's back online. whether the tenets can find an affordable place for san francisco for that time will be tough. >> in finding something comparable for these individuals is very challenging. >> reporter: yesterday's fire was the eighth residential fire in the mission this year. and so far, none have been determined to be arson. in san francisco, rob roth, news 2 news. the skies are clearing. the winds are pretty light. some wind here on the tribune building. overnight lows, 30s in the cool spots. it's the cold weather system. not indicative of an el nino. those are more latitude. that's why snow levels are so
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low. snow levels around 400 feet in nevada where a winter storm warning remains in effect. here's what's left of the low center. and it's continuing to deliver thunderstorms around grass valley. showers offshore here. but that should be at maybe a few sprinkles tonight. thunderstorms should be done. overnight lows tonight, upper 30s in places like santa rosa. but kernville, 36, 37. maybe a little frost tomorrow morning. fremont could see patchy fog in the early morning hours. when you cake up, it's cool. during the day, it's sunny. this is tomorrow. but temperatures just in the mid-60s. when i come back, we'll talk about further warming and the next round of rain. seaworld without its signature killer whale show. the major concession today at one of its parks following years of public pressure. the warrior's undefeated record was on the line tonight. and they got tested by a young detroit pistons team. we have their monday night sports.
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>> what we do is just a game. what they do is life or death. >> a salute to servicemen as the oakland raiders give thanks to veterans. ame is marcus jenk. i'm a lineman here in oakland. day in, day out, a large part of what we do is about providing reliable power to our customers. pg&e is dedicated to the community. i love working here because this is my home. oakland is my home. this is where i'm raising my children so it's important to me to make sure my family and friends have the power and energy that we provide. this is very personal to me. it makes me work a lot harder knowing that this is my community. together, we're building a better california.
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tonight, 2 investigates dives into the shadow we world into the dark net, where -- shadowy world into the dark net. >> a security worker says he could access the ventilation system of a bay area hospital from 2,000-miles away. that's the tip of the iceberg. beneath the surface is an online underworld of hackers, drug dealers, and black cops. since the dawn of the internet, it's always been there, humming away in the shadows, lurking beneath the silly cat videos, the social media, unsearchable by google or yahoo. but all that is just 16% of the internet. it's like the tip of the iceberg.
10:25 pm
below the surface is the so- called dark net. >> it's essentially the wild west of the internet. [ whistle ] >> here you'll find a glow bam village of hackers, scientists and black cops, as well as a black market for drugs, gun, fake passports, even human trafficking. >> the criminals are very forward leaning and very innovative in what they do. >> you can buy and sell anything. >> reporter: he's a former police detective gone forensic specialist. and he's still blown away what he finds here. >> it's very difficult for law enforcement to conduct investigations inside of this part of the internet. >> reporter: it's where stolen credit card numbers from target ended up, where you can buy stolen iphones at bargain devices, handguns as well as from a distributer in the midwest. drugs?
10:26 pm
of course. heroine, ecstasy, cocaine, marijuana. it looks like the amazon of narcotics, bragging how they've cut out the middleman and are offering the best quality product at competitive prices delivered right to your door. letterman says the dark net is all about customer service because sellers want your repeat business. payment is always in the cyber currency bitcoin which is virtually untraceable. it's easy to see where they use bitcoin. there's reddit hacker for those with vandettas. they promise to ruin someone financially. how about a hitman? three contract killers will do the job in europe or the united states or canada. the only rules? no kids under 16 and no top ten politicians. you want a new identity? no problem. u.s. citizenship is for sale with passports and social
10:27 pm
security cards. they even claim to have an insider at the state department that will present you with a real passport for just $800. and the dark net is finding its way into your home, even your car. wired magazines showed how they could remotely hack a jeep cherokee. they could kill the engine even on a busy highway. >> kill the engine! so we're killing the engine right now. >> i stomped on the gas, but the jeep slowed to a crawl. >> reporter: it showed how the hacker can access your home video camera or how they provide a back door into 7,000 wind turbines to the u.s. or gives hackers direct control to a ventilation system at a hospital in san francisco. almost all without passwords, meaning they could all be shut down with a click of a mouse. anything connected to the internet is vulnerable. >> the criminals know it's there. look, these guys are innovating as fast as we are.
10:28 pm
>> reporter: and dr. doug maugh is trying to catch them. he directs the cyber security gigs for the homeland security. he says hunting criminals online is a moving target. >> it's a cat and mouse game. and we've found some. >> reporter: but unless you know where to look, it's like a needle in a field of haystacks which is why you'll find an isil recruit site on the dark net. tor is used to connect to the dark net, also referred to as the onion network. it operates through a network of thousands of encrypted relay servers all over the planet. each replay independently and simultaneously decrypt part of the message, making it virtually impossible to trace. even the dark net may not remain the last frontier for long. legitimate businesses, government agencies and other sites you heard of can be found there as well. even facebook has launched a version of its website on the
10:29 pm
tor network. >> so why facebook? since tor allows people to visit web pages without being tracked, it may appeal to people in places where access to facebook could be blocked like china, iran, or north korea. comcast is at the center of a darknet incident involving black market brokers. the company said they'll they'll reset the passwords of roughly 2,000 customers after their account information was offered for sale online. passwords were listed for sale for $1,000 on the dark net. they say it didn't come from a breach but appears to have been compiled from previous stolen information available on the dark net. it's a miracle she's alive really. >> a bay area woman just steps from a giant redwood tree before it fell. new tonight, who she credits
10:30 pm
for her life. >> and the raiders roll out the silver and black carpet to service members. i'll tell you about the vip treatments some wounded warriors received just days ahead of veterans day. closed captioning brought to you by:
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a salute to service members tonight. the oakland raiders hosted dozens of war veterans and their families to say thanks. the team treated about 40 veterans and their families to an exclusive tour to raiders headquarters. it comes as the nation recognizes veterans on veterans day. >> reporter: well, frank, this is an nfl campaign encouraged -- encouraging military respect across the nation.
10:33 pm
it was about forgetting their pain for just a moment and just having smiles. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: who else but ac/dc to set the tone. it was the line of veterans that walked out on the turf in alameda. some have been home for years, others just a few months, got the chance to talk and shake hands with players. >> we're so happy to be able to host y'all today. >> reporter: derrick carr was the first to welcome those at the event. >> i know the courage and sacrifice it takes for y'all to do what you do. for that, i'm thankful. >> i love the raiders. >> reporter: in 2005, the army sergeant was injured in iraq by an id blast. he lost both his legs. >> all right, guys. follow me right this way, please! >> reporter: today on his prosthetic legs, he walks the same hallways of his favorite players. >> it's a good feeling. they support us a lot, too. but having nfl teams or any
10:34 pm
sports team that's doing something for veterans is an aawesome feeling reasonable and he met them face to -- is an awesome feeling. >> and he met them face-to- face. >> people are looking at us as a hero. and people look up to us and all these things. but these are the real highway lows. the people that -- heroes. these are the people that sacrifice their lives. the energy they take to do what they do, you can't compare it to football. >> we're football players, you know? that's really the bottom line. they're the heroes. and, you know, that's not just words. it's really what it is. >> reporter: an aappreciative oakland raiders had a new look on their team. >> i'm not able to do what i used to do. but i've given it my all. >> he's given his all everyday. and they presented derrick carr with a football, thanking the
10:35 pm
team for this vip tour. those tee shirts -- carr was wearing one there -- they're now available for purchase and there's more ceremonies to honor veterans there at sunday's game at the coliseum, frank. >> that was really -- that was just a nice story. >> yeah, it was! >> thanks. and pressure at seaworld to end their killer whale shows in san diego. they announced today the orca shows will end next year due to customer feedback. seaworld has seen a drop in attendness since "blackfish" highlighted killer whales in captivity. they said they'll offer a different kind of experience in 2017. seaworld also has orca shows in orlando and san antonio. but it appears those shows will continue. volkswagen makes an offer to hundreds of thousands of drivers. plus -- >> tracking the forecast through the rest of this week. we talked about tuesday how cold it's going to be in the morning. we'll talk more about the cool
10:36 pm
overnight and the next chance in the forecast for rain to visit your neighborhood. >> a violent attack inside a liquor store and may have been over something for sale. dude, dude, dude!ing) this is bad. i think we're stuck. we're going to have to like talk to each other or something. nooo. i don't like this elevator. (elevator bell dings) how did that feel? was it fun being stuck? i do not like getting stuck! so, the nissan leaf only gets 84 miles on a charge. the 2016 chevy volt gets an estimated 400 miles or more on a full charge and a full tank of gas. woah! how's that for not getting stuck?
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ñwç?wñ??ñ óñ ♪ ♪
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it took the rockettes years to master the kick line. but only a few moves to master paying bills on technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. police say a violent attack caught on video at a liquor store in san francisco started over an argument over lottery tickets. it happened last friday at bernal height's market. it shows a man with a blue cap attacking a victim on surveillance video and shoving his head in a store shelf. they arrested 38-year-old mabel chavez on suspicion of aggravated assault. the victim suffered a broken nose, a broken jaw and a head injury. but he is expected to recover. accused san francisco
10:39 pm
chinatown gang leader raymond khou went on trial today. he was compared to the godfather and ocean's eleven. his attorney revealed he himself will take the stand. other associates are expected to testify against khou. he's -- chow. volkswagen is paying off customers. they're sending them to 482,000 owners to those with volkswagens and audis in the united states. the company says there's no strings attached and they can still take part in lawsuits. they have acknowledged in software tricking admissions tests so vehicles could pass.
10:40 pm
chipotle can now reopen 43 locations in the northwest by wednesday or thursday. about 40 people got sick from e. coli. and health officials thought it was linked to chipotle. the chain did its own testing as well. and those results also came back negative. parking fees are going up for b.a.r.t. stations next month. the fees will rise 50 cents a day for three east bay stations and one on the peninsula. it'll cost $2 a day in concord and the north concord martinez stations. $1.50 ayou day in oakland and -- a day in oakland and $3 a day in maybray. rates go higher if lots are full. in san francisco, b.a.r.t. is planning on spending millions of dollars on the makeover at the powell station makeover to resign the entrance, fix the ceiling and the elevators.
10:41 pm
it'll cost around $30 million and should be done by 2018. the u.s. stock markets fell today on news from china. the dow lost 179 points. the nasdaq dropped 51. the s&p dropped 20. lightning, rain, now cold. chief meteorologist bill martin's complete forecast for the rest of the week and our next chance at wet weather. >> and in 2 minutes, a yard littered with debris after autre explodes. the lightning strike that -- after a tree explodes.
10:42 pm
10:43 pm
the rain that hit the bay area today is a welcomed sight. but it's also a cause of concern for people living in areas hit by wildfires. in parts of lake county, there's a looming threat of flash floods and mudslides after the valley fire. the expectation of a wet winter has crews taking precautions
10:44 pm
and plants grassseeds. the charred hillsides there are now dotted with patches of green. the carpet growing is to prevent mudslides during the rainstorms. and to the peninsula where a woman is lucky to be alive after a lightning bolt hit a huge tree, sending bits of it over her home. >> reporter: this is what simone nguyen's yard looked like saturday morning. debris everywhere, even on the roof all from a lightning strike. >> i saw the tree just exploded in front of me. and it took me a minute to express, that's a miracle. >> reporter: just before 8:00, her dog cocoa woke up early to go outside. as she was in the backyard in the corner of her eye, she saw lightning and heard an explosion.
10:45 pm
>> it hit my tree. and i saw a million pieces of my tree just blew up into the sky. >> reporter: she escaped inside and saw a big piece of her tree fell through her bedroom window and on her bed. you can see the glass shard everywhere. it'sest -- shattered everywhere. it's estimated this tree once stood 100 feet tall. >> it's something i've infer seen before. and it's a -- i've never seen before and it's a miracle she's alive. >> reporter: parts of the tree can be found throughout the neighborhood, including across the street. this piece is about 8 feet long and more than 100 pounds. >> you want to go back and take a look? >> reporter: her neighbor's fence has parts of the tree breaking through it. >> she had just picked up a cup of coffee just inside this window here. turned and was headed to the back of the house when the lightning hit and the piece of the tree came through the window. >> it was unbelievable. i never heard a sound like that
10:46 pm
before. >> reporter: they consider themselves lucky and so does nguyen. she credits her dog for saving her life. cocoa also shaken up and her nerves rattled. >> i'm very shocked. i'm very sad. but at the same time, i'm very lucky to be alive. a bit of rain this morning. thunder and lightning. it's all going down now as it moves up into the mountains where we're seeing winter storm warnings stay in effect through tomorrow morning. temperatures today look like these. not a very warm storm. so like i said earlier, not a signature el nino storm by any sense of the imagination. this is actually a cooler storm with snow levels in the mountains, they're down around 3800 feet, something like that. that's pretty low for this time of year. we have the wind blowing on the tribune building. you see it over here. winds will keep it a little warmer tonight. you can see the north,
10:47 pm
northwesterly wind. that system is lingering. system, what they do, they move quick because of the topography. but because of the mountains, they jam it up. it acts like a dam and the storms get stuck. so they slow down. so the storm will linger in the mountains overnight. so we could easily see another foot of snow up there. and that winter storm warning will be verified. so mountain travel next four hours, going to be sketchy. currently, 41 degrees. 42 in clearlake. 43 in lafayette. 48 in antioch. overnight lows, 40s. already 44 in saratoga. that's pretty chilly. the forecast into the rest of the cities, 39, santa rosa. about 45 in san jose. the forecast now for the next few days will be this clearing out and drying out. but then when we get to sunday afternoon, very similar to what we just experienced this week. and remember last week, we were here too.
10:48 pm
this lines up about six days ago or five and a half days from now. sunday afternoon, sunday night into monday morning, loading another one. so we'll watch it. looks similar to the one we experienced, too. you get the idea of an aggressive fluid pattern which is great news if you are, you know, looking for snow, rain. in the mountains, could have two or three feet of snow when it's all said and done. the five-day forecast, then, cool mornings for sure. clearing and then things load up again on sunday with the clouds increasing. so kind of a break. and looks like more rain down the road here early next week. >> it's funny how it seems it was so warm about a week and a half ago. and i went out tonight -- >> yeah. >> it's really cold now! >> really chilly! by our standard. people in the midwest, yeah, we're wimps, you know. [ laughter ] >> yeah. >> but it's cold. thanks, bill. well, the warriors extend their unbeaten streak to eight in a row now. that's coming up in sports.
10:49 pm
>> plus, fresh powder in the sierra. the ski resorts now planning to open this week.
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10:51 pm
the ski season is off to an early start in the tahoe basin with two more resorts announcing early openings. alpine meadows has decided to open this thursday, a month ahead of schedule.
10:52 pm
and squall valley will open 11 days ahead of schedule. think say the early openings are -- they say the early openings are possible after two feet of extra snow and round the clock help with the snow no one machines. and the warriors seem unstoppable at home! >> just extending their own home record, you know? i guess the warriors will lose a game sometime! [ laughter ] not tonight, though, and who knows when as a season of perfection continues. energy level, nowhere like we've seen in the past. detroit pistons in town. and for the most part, the warriors seemed to toy with them. andrew bogue is back with the warriors and contributing in a big way. up on the offensive court. 8 points, 9 rebounds. and lots of good defense help the warriors get this in the bag.
10:53 pm
leonardo to iggy! miami in trouble. curry will -- watch this. out on the break. basically 1 against 4 pistons. he pops it. he had only 7 of 8 shots tonight and 3-3. his lowest scoring night of the year. more defense. blocked shot. barnes on one end. and then unselfishly into the corner for klay thompson! probably his best shooting night of the year. 24 points. warriors by 14. they are 8-0. and as julie said, 23 in a row at oracle. warriors, though, may not be the only game in town. huge expectations for the cal basketball team this year. and translating the talent, though, from paper to hardwood, always a challenge. but an exhibition game tonight in berkeley. they give us a glimpse. that's derrick checking out the basketball scene as cal takes
10:54 pm
on little carol college from montana. and the bears do great! jabari byrd to wallace. call about your high percentage shot. and later, a lot of people want to see this freshman, daylon brown on the offensive board to put it down. that's not fair! he does it. and then the coach's son, coach of the warriors. nick kerr get it is shot! the fans love it, too. cal wins 93-58. considering the win over the falcons yesterday, no surprise the 49ers will continue to play the blame game. blain gabbert didn't look that bad! a couple passes dropped. a couple touchdown passes and energetically leading the niners to their third win of the year.
10:55 pm
the coach met with kaepernick this afternoon letting them know after the by week they will take on seattle and gabbert is the guy. not sure why this was the matchup selected for monday night. but turned into a pretty good game. chargers stomp out to an early 7-nothing lead. bears have it threatening. but jason out of santa rosa, jc, picked up and takes it back for the chargers. 68 yards, 13-nothing. san diego missed the point after. 4th quarter, though, jay cutler pouncing for zack miller. a great one-handed grab. 4:19 left. how did he do that? pulls it in, 22-19. the bears and mike are winners. this is a great finish. friday night in the north bay high school teams. both undefeated.
10:56 pm
petaluma and amalie tied with 5 seconds left. check out what happened. >> reporter: newman back to pass. fires it deep! ross simmons is out there! and he's got it! ross simmons has it but did he get in? yes! touchdown! >> 46 yards. jack newman airing it out for ross simmons. a perfect 10-0, regular season. a lot of celebration there. and i'm being a pretty good sport showing that highlight as a petaluma high grad. >> aww! >> showing my alma mater. >> wow! >> let's talk more about the trojans! [ laughter ] >> wow, what a game! >> tough loss, but congratulations to them and sebastopol. >> how about those warriors, huh? >> yeah, 8-0! awesome!
10:57 pm
can't get any better! >> thanks for joining us tonight. goodnight. ♪ you're a bow and arrow ♪ a broken guitar ♪ while the rainwater washes away ♪ ♪ who you are ♪ we go over the mountains ♪ and under the stars ♪ we go over the mountains ♪ and under the stars [♪]
10:58 pm
[door bell ringing] ♪ come on-a my house, my house, i'm gonna give you candy. ♪ ♪ come on-a my house, my house, i'm gonna give you... ♪ ♪ apple and plum and apricot-a too, eh! ♪ ♪ come on-a my house, my house a come on. ♪ ♪ come on-a my house, my house... ♪ ♪ i'm gonna give you everything. ♪ complete your thanksgiving table at target. right now butterball premium frozen turkey is only 99 cents a pound. ♪ come on-a my house
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at we're here. anything more important than clean water in developing countries? or a clean glass in this one? oh. oh, my gosh. it that anne gibbs, the lady from channel 12 news? [ gasps ] oh, my god! it's anne gibbs! oh, i love her! that reaction would've been big if it was anne hathaway. oh, she is hiding quite a figure behind that desk. okay, what's going on with you and anne gibbs? come on. we gotta go say hi to her. okay, we're doing this? mitchell: hey. hi. hi. i'm sorry. um, i am such a fan. i was so moved by that story you did about the gymnast with the hump. - you want to hear something crazy? - yeah. he just got a scholarship to notre dame. - no! oh, my gosh! [ laughs ] - yeah. [ laughs ] you probably get this all the time, but i have a story for you. i represent some homeless people in a case against a corporation that pays them slave wages. how long has this been going on? since 2012. we're just trying to shine a light - on how awful they're being. - truly awful. - are you working on this, too? - oh, gosh. no, no. - i'm just this one's husband. - yeah. i'm a high school football coach. cameron tucker.


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